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Graduate Eligibility and Commencement Fee


Students with an estimated graduation date of winter, spring or summer quarters are eligible to participate in the June (Spring) commencement ceremony.

Students with an estimated graduation date of fall quarter are eligible to participate in the December (Fall) commencement ceremony.

Check your Status

Students can check their eligibility status on their portal. Under the "Career Program Path" the student will see their expected graduation term.

Commencement Petition Request

Students who would like to participate in a ceremony other than the one for which they are eligible must submit a Commencement Petition Request Form to the Commencement Office (Bldg. 52, Room E-7 or turned into Career Services-attention: Anthonia Edgren (

Graduates wishing to participate in Spring who DO NOT HAVE an expected graduation term of Winter 2017, Spring 2017, or Summer 2017 need to complete a petition request form. Petition request forms are due on April 3rd to the Commencement Office in Bldg. 52, Room E-7 or turned into Career Services-attention: Anthonia Edgren (

Commencement Fee

Effective Fall 2015, a mandatory commencement fee will be automatically charged to all eligible graduates and all student who have achieved 75% degree completion. The fee will be charged to the student's account. The commencement fee covers the cost of all commencement-related services, resources, events, staffing and all programmatic elements of the commencement experience from beginning to end. Please visit the Student Accounts website for further details on commencement fee and payment schedule at:

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